The role of the architect within a project team is now more crucial than ever as the demand for high quality buildings for a low budget is growing rapidly.

Every single project/ location is different so even though Greenfields has its own architects team we also subcontract with different private architects studios that could be more experienced in the specific fields.

Our team of architects is specialised in multiresidential projects but is also experienced in any other fields such as educational, offices, logistics, health.  We pride ourselves on being inventive, innovative but after many years of experience we’ve also learned that choosing subcontractors with a successful track record in one field is more cost effective than relying on the same partner for different tasks.

Our Urban Team is specialized in:

  • preparing analysis of the area’s development capacity
  • preparing complete land development conditions applications
  • participation in urban planning works, especially including local study and local development master plans
  • participation in administrative procedures
  • participation in dialog with authorities regarding sustainable development
  • preparing complex environmental decisions and environmental reports
  • legal and technical analysis of existing projects
  • participation in the tender procedurę
  • building design
  • preparing of multi-assortment design documentation
  • advisory with obtaining building permits and planning permissions
  • optimisation of existing designs