Basic need linked to the land acquisition is to have land development conditions or Local Land Development Plan called Master Plan.

Usually prior obtainment land development conditions (WZiZT) environmental decision is also required Environmental Decision (DUS). It is expensive and time consuming process which requires very precise preparation of both procedures. Besides geological research, Environmental Department list of attachments is also based on the dialog between Greenfields, Buyer/Seller and Authorities.

Our company obtained  decisions on land development conditions for residential, offices and retail investments.

Parameters of future investment are strictly related to neighbouring projects and the authorities’ land development policy. Greenfields is always taking under consideration expectations of the Sellers and Buyers as well as neighbours by submitting compromise and buildable applications in terms of parameters. Additionally our track record shows 100% efficiency – 160 applications for issuing land development conditions resulted in 160 Land Development Decisions which 80% was issued within last 7 years. Our Urban Department is always aware of the legal and technical requirements, sun analysis, road arrangements etc. so our applications are complex, professional and buildable.

Having on mind latest policy of the authorities we also trying to be in harmony and balance with the sustainable development and environment.

Our team is also aware that every single location needs architectural analysis and individual approach. It also requires being in dialog with the planning department re land development study and at the stage of preparation local land development plans.