A basic issue concerning acquisitions of land is to have a planning permit or to check the conditions for developing that land set out in the local zoning plan known as the master plan.

Before a zoning permit (WZiZT) can be obtained, an environmental decision (DUŚ) is often also required. This is an expensive and time consuming process that involves the very precise preparation of both procedures, various areas of research and lots of red tape.

Our company has obtained environmental decisions and planning permits for a number of residential, offices and retail investments.

The conditions of future investment are always strictly related to neighboring projects and the authorities’ land development policy for the area. When advising on transactions, Greenfields takes into consideration the expectations of the sellers and buyers, but also those of neighboring land owners by proposing workable compromises and ensuring the buildable parameters are workable and acceptable. This is demonstrated by our impeccable track record with 100% efficiency – 160 applications for planning permits resulted in 160 planning permits being issued, of which 80% were issued within the last seven years. Our Urban Department is always aware of the applicable legal and technical requirements, the right to light, road arrangements etc. so our applications are complex, professional and feasible.

We stay on top of the latest policies of the authorities, which helps us maintain harmony and balance with sustainable developments and environmental issues.

Our team is also aware that every single location needs an architectural analysis and an individual approach. This means being in dialog with the local planning department to consult and influence the zoning study for the area and to have a voice at the stage of preparing local zoning plans.