Osiedle Kostrogaj

Osiedle Kostrogaj


66 291 m2

Plot area

63 454 m2

Usable area

Our activities:

  • We commissioned a comprehensive land development concept
  • We obtained an environmental approval
  • We carried out a number of arrangements, including road and educational arrangements
  • We obtained a special housing resolution
  • We conducted an information campaign among the residents
  • We acquired, verified and recommended the buyer
  • We valued the land and acted as an agent in its sale
The quarter of the following streets: Bielska, Tysiąclecia, Przemysłowa and Narodowych Sił Zbrojnych in Płock is a post-industrial area where there were previously numerous buildings housing poultry processing plants. Although the local zoning plan assumed the continuation of the industrial function, it was not welcome among the residents, as the poultry slaughterhouse was associated with considerable odour pollution.
The owner of the site – Cedrob S.A. – wanted to transform the 6.5-hectare plot and so hired Greenfields to propose solutions that would enable the area’s function to be modified
“To restore this part of the city to the residents, we proposed a new land development, worthy of this part of the city,” said Justyna Cymerman, Head of the Urban Planning Department at Greenfields. “It will be a place with numerous passages, squares and services, encouraging social integration of all generations,” she added.
Greenfields invited Studio 20 from Warsaw to cooperate and they drew up a concept for the development of the area in line with the modern assumptions for the construction of housing estates friendly to the residents. In addition to apartments, the project includes the construction of service premises and publicly accessible recreational areas, such as places for the residents to integrate, walking paths and green areas.

Our experts from the Urban Planning and Land Properties departments coordinated the entire investment preparation process, obtaining all the necessary permits and approvals, including an environmental approval, as well as road and educational arrangements. The construction of apartments in the Kostrogaj estate will be possible thanks to obtaining a resolution on facilitating the preparation and implementation of housing investments and accompanying investments.

Due to the additional functions that will be implemented by the investor, the project is a complex one. With the current and new residents in mind, the investor intends to build a nursery to be located next to a public square at the intersection of ul. Bielska and the planned southern street. With a usable area of approx. 700 m2, the facility will accommodate 89 children in three sections. The investment also involves new road infrastructure, as the residents of Płock will gain a street connecting Bielska and Przemysłowa, with exits from the existing public roads.