What we do

Environmental decisions

We are convinced that concern for the environment is of paramount importance today and that investments should have as little impact as possible on the surroundings. We successfully obtain environmental decisions because we know well how to reconcile nature conservation with the expectations of investors and decision-making bodies.

Building permits

This is an administrative decision that is required to start a construction or construction work. We provide assistance in obtaining building permits for developments of various functions: residential, commercial, warehouses, hotels, logistics, public utilities and data centres.

Building conditions and site management

When a site is not covered by a local development plan, developers have to apply for a zoning permit. Greenfields specialises in obtaining zoning permits for projects with various functions. We have already obtained dozens of zoning permits for our customers.

Due diligence of the property

This is a legal and technical audit. The due diligence makes it possible to assess the facts and development prospects of a property and to identify potential risks before acquiring land for development or a developed property, related to construction, planning and legal constraints. An accurate risk assessment is of paramount importance when investing in properties, as it can determine the profitability of an investment.

Housing Special Law

We specialise in the preparation of investments that are created on the basis of the Act on Facilitating the Preparation and Execution of Housing Investments and Associated Investments ("Lex Developer"). Our portfolio includes obtaining a resolution for one of the largest projects of its kind in Poland – the Kostrogaj housing estate in Płock, comprising around 1,400 dwellings.

Intermediation services

Greenfields represents plot owners and purchasers during the purchase and sale of properties. The entire transaction is preceded by a legal and technical audit. If necessary, we search for alternate locations for the plot owners’ businesses at their request.

Organisation of tenders and competitions

We offer comprehensive assistance in property sales transactions, complete the necessary documentation and prepare tender proceedings.

Land developer

We act on behalf of developers and provide investment care, executing projects from A to Z – from land acquisition to project completion. We develop multifunctional public spaces and, by working with the local authorities, we influence what kind of development and associated infrastructure will be created in a given location.

Potential assessment and property valuation

We carry out expert valuations of land for investment. We identify the potential of the plots for sale, indicating the optimum conditions for the development of the land.

PR, media relations

Investing in real estate is often a complex process, requiring communication with the investor's company environment, and that entails the need for PR activities. Our PR experts prepare interesting material on the investments made by the developers we work with.


Greenfields provides comprehensive sales support, including negotiations between the parties to the transaction, as well as between investors and owners of neighbouring properties. We are also responsible for information briefings and consultations with residents regarding new projects.

Dialogue with public authorities

On behalf of investors, we discuss the nature of new developments and associated investments with the public authorities.