Who we are

Greenfields operates in the real estate sector, providing consulting services concerning the purchase and sale of land for investment. For our clients, we comprehensively prepare future investments for implementation, regardless of the size, nature and characteristics of the project.

The Greenfields team comprises architects, urban planners, lawyers and communication specialists, as well as photographers and graphic artists. They are responsible for preparing all aspects of the investment, including all proceedings on behalf of our clients, zoning permit applications, permits for housing investments and other investment location decisions, as well as building permits, environmental decisions and all other necessary documents.

1.5 million sq m of usable floor area

Since 2005, Greenfields has conducted sales transactions for land developed or to be developed by investors with a total usable floor area of 1.5 million sqm. The company provides comprehensive support for the process of purchase and sale of land for investments - residential, service, office, and public utility buildings. The total value of the transactions carried out by Greenfields to date is over PLN 2.63 billion.