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Greenfields operates in the real estate market since 2005 providing professional advisory services in real estate sales transactions.

Greenfields performs all the necessary actions to prepare the land in order to make the development of future investments possible, regardless of the size or characteristics. During last years GF built the largest database of plots in Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań and many other cities in Poland.

Our range of services is aimed at the preparation, specification, analysis and sale of all types of real estate.

our advantages

Comprehensive support

Greenfields provides comprehensive business and technical support as well as constant legal and financial advice. Within our structure we developed specialized departments: land acquisition, sales, architecture & urban planning, project management and legal. This structure allows for an immediate response to any of our clients needs.

Largest data base of plots

Over the past fifteen years we have built long-lasting relationships with both the buyers and property owners. Thanks to hard work and the reliability of the services provided, we have built the largest database of properties for sale in all major cities in Poland.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services in every stage of the investment process.

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