Key Trends Shaping the Real Estate Market in 2024 and Our Company’s Strategic Plans

With over 18 years of active involvement in the Real Estate market, we have cultivated expertise and established a specialized in-house team. Our distinctive advantage lies in offering comprehensive consultancy services, ranging from securing environmental approvals to obtaining construction permits and complying with the Special Developer’s Act. In recent years, an aggravating obstacle has been the lengthening of administrative decision timelines.

The resurgence of residential shopping fever has generated substantial interest among developers in land acquisitions. However, simple projects have become a thing of the past due to limited land access and protracted bureaucratic and legal procedures. Real Estate developers must embrace more intricate challenges, view crises as opportunities, and approach projects with greater flexibility and swifter decision-making processes. International investors and newcomers recognize the tremendous potential in Warsaw and are prepared to invest here. We are gratified to see an increasing number of such clients choosing Greenfields. Additionally, in 2023, we proudly signed numerous preliminary agreements with our longstanding foreign and local partners.

Real Estate developers are increasingly favoring mixed-use projects, and clients now expect spaces that promote inclusivity and integration, enhance living comfort through easy access to services and communal areas, and are designed in harmony with nature and environmental sustainability principles (ESG). In the upcoming year, our newly established RES business division will embark on several innovative projects related to the acquisition, preparation, and sale of renewable energy projects. As an environmentally conscious company, our natural progression leads us to focus on photovoltaic solutions. While the industry is presently centered on preparing and executing PRS investments, it is advisable to keep an eye on emerging sectors like co-living, student housing, and senior living in the future.

The year 2023 was a bustling one for us, yet the year ahead promises to be even more dynamic. We are in the final stages of one of the largest transactions in our company’s history, scheduled for the first half of 2024. At Greenfields, we are committed to expanding and have bolstered our team with seasoned professionals in the realms of real estate, urban planning, and renewable energy. Our clients can expect personalized services, comprehensive guidance, and a distinctive approach characterized by a high degree of openness, flexibility, prompt action, and innovative thinking.

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