Case studies

Warsaw | Gdańska 5/7 St.


4 600 sqm usable area

At the request of the owners of the site, we comprehensively prepared a new residential investment project

We valued the property and represented the owners during the transaction for the sale of the land

Warsaw | Taśmowa 5 St.


16 722 sqm usable area

We coordinated the entire investment process, including the procedure for obtaining a building permit

We represented the buyer and the seller in the sale of the plot

Płock | Bielska 57 St.

Osiedle Kostrogaj

63 454 sqm usable area

We obtained a special housing resolution

We carried out a number of arrangements, including road and educational arrangements

Warsaw | Wileńska 14a St.

Wileńska Express

14 000 sqm usable area

At the request of Przewozy Regionalne, we organised a tender for the sale of the plot

We acted as an agent in the sale of the property

Warsaw | K.Kieślowskiego 5 St.

Strefa Wilanów

15 500 sqm usable area

Selling the plot was a big challenge, as there was the shell of an unfinished housing development located on the plot. Acting on behalf of the owner of the site, we acquired, verified and recommended the buyer

We valued the land and acted as an agent in the sale of the plot, ensuring attractive terms for both parties to the transaction

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