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One of the last such plots of land in Odolany – plot at 68a Jana Kazimierza Street in Warsaw.  The land was acquired by Real Estate company Alides Polska and Greenfields had the pleasure of comprehensively advising on the purchase of the plot, valuation of the land and preparation of design documents for the Building Permit in just 18 months.

We had the pleasure of representing the owners of plots located on Zdrowa Street in Warsaw’s Wilanów district. The sellers were private individuals, while the land for the investment was acquired by Green House Development, a Real Estate company with many years of experience in the Polish Real Estate market. The investor has already started preselling 85 apartments in a multi-family residential. This marks the beginning of the implementation of a multi-stage housing estate of semi-detached houses, complemented by intimate multi-family residential.

Company Greenfields has finalized the sale of a plot in the south of Warsaw, in Włochy district. We had the exclusivity for sale. In addition, on behalf of the buyer, we increased the potential of the former post-industrial land and we have prepared the necessary urban planning documents. The new owner plans to build a residential estate on the plot for about 1,500 apartments.

2021 - 2023

At the request of the owner – Cedrob S.A. – Greenfields carried out a transaction for the sale of a post-industrial plot in the Kostrogaj estate in Płock. The investment will bring the area back to residential. In addition to new apartments in shell and core condition, there will be commercial premises, public recreation areas, a new road, pedestrian crossings and a cycle path.

Acting on behalf of the owners, Greenfields undertook to sell the land for the investment, as well as draw up the concept and obtain the appropriate approvals for the project. The investment will involve the construction of 38 new apartments. The buildings, designed by the acclaimed architect Artur Chołdzyński, will draw on early modernism which is characteristic of pre-war buildings in the Żoliborz district.

Greenfield-type projects are becoming more and more popular in Poland – these are investments establishing a new enterprise in a new country from scratch. We at Greenfields provided the foreign investor with comprehensive assistance in the process of obtaining land and choosing a location. Vantage Data Centers, a leading provider of hyperscale data campuses from the United States, has built a modern data campus in the Bielany district of Warsaw. Our company advised the investor on the choice of location and assisted with the process of land purchase.
The entire campus, consisting of two data centres, will ultimately occupy 39,000 m2. When fully developed, the investment, located on a 5 ha plot, will consist of two state-of-the-art data centres, offering 48 MW of power to customers’ network devices. The project will create highly specialised workplaces and will increase the investment attractiveness of the Bielany district.

Ronson Development has purchased plots for development with a total area of 2,715 m2, located at ul. Studzienna in Warsaw’s Wola district, with Greenfields carrying out the purchase for the investor. Under the zoning decision, a complex of residential apartment blocks with an underground car park and the necessary infrastructure can be built there, with a total usable area of approx. 4,800 m2. Currently, Ronson is building a six-storey building with 84 apartments on the plot.

At the request of Victoria Dom, we carried out a transaction for the purchase of a plot for development with an area of almost 4,000 m2 in the Targówek district of Warsaw. The property is located in a well-connected area, just six minutes from the Warszawa Zacisze-Wilno station, close to infrastructure: schools, playgrounds, stores and services. On the plot, Victoria Dom is planning to build the Krzewna estate. In the first stage of the investment, a four-storey building will be built, holding 79 apartments with balconies and gardens.

Greenfields finalised the sale of a plot with an area of approx. 1,240 m2 at ul. Igańska in the Praga-Południe district of Warsaw. The buyer – Novum Developer – intends to carry out the construction of a small-scale residential building with commercial premises, with 31 new apartments available in the shell and core condition from 4Q 22. The premium-standard building consists of five floors, including an underground garage.

2017 - 2020

This investment concerns a plot for development at ul. Taśmowa, located in the Mokotów district and well connected with downtown Warsaw. It has convenient access due to the proximity of the southern ring road and Warsaw’s Okręcie airport. The new owner, represented by Greenfields during the purchase of the plot, is planning PRS (Private Rented Sector) investment involving the construction of 350 units for short and long-term lease, as well as restaurants and an underground garage.

Sprzeczna Street is in Warsaw’s Praga Północ district. Corpores, a company from Rzeszów, used Greenfield’s help to purchase a plot located next to the Stadion Narodowy metro station. It plans to construct a residential apartment block with approx. 65 apartments.

Greenfields brokered the sale of a property at ul. Włodarzewska in Warsaw’s Ochota district, right next to Szczęśliwicki Park. The property was sold by individuals and was purchased by the largest and one of the oldest developers on the Polish market – Dom Development. The investor built the Włodarzewska 70 Apartments complex on the plot, consisting of 102 units.

In Lodz, we offered our assistance to individuals selling a plot at ul. Kilińskiego. We found an investor willing to buy the property – the well-known developer J.W. Construction. Ultimately, the plot may be developed with buildings holding approx. 250 apartments.

At the junction of Bonifraterska and Sapieżyńska streets in Warsaw, the developer, Vinci Immobilier has built a small-scale building consisting of 39 apartments. The property was purchased from the Order of Brothers Hospitallers and our company provided support in the sale process. On behalf of the owners, we obtained a zoning decision enabling the investment. Greenfields also coordinated an agreement with the housing community of the neighbouring building. The plot, located in a unique downtown location, was not previously making use of its potential, serving as a parking lot. The investment carried out by Vinci significantly improved the image of this part of the city, not least by recreating the historical pre-war frontage.

At the request of the owner, we found a buyer and carried out a transaction for the sale of a property in the Bielany district in Warsaw. On the plot, Kompania Domowa has built Strefa Bielany – an investment consisting of 56 apartments for sale.

This is a transaction carried out by Greenfields involving the sale of a plot in a prestigious Warsaw location – in the buffer zone of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) park, close to the metro station and Pole Mokotowskie. The developer – Vinci – is planning a residential development there.

The Cooper estate, developed by Unidevelopment, is located in the northern part of Chrzanów, in the Bemowo district, a rapidly developing part of the city. It is close to the Kampinos Forest and the Bemowski Forest, with two nature reserves: Łosiowe Błota and Kalinowa Łąka.We assisted the developer in the purchase of the plot. The estate comprises 15 buildings, with 400 apartments for sale, as well as recreational areas and commercial premises.

Greenfields brokered the sale of land at ul. Szeligowska 25 in Warsaw, close to the planned metro station. The property was purchased by Bouygues Immobilier, which built the Villa de Charme estate there, consisting of 52 terraced houses.

This is one of the first transactions Greenfields carried out in the Włochy district in Warsaw, and one that initiated a change in the nature of the district, which was previously an industrial and technological base. We obtained a zoning decision enabling a new residential development on a plot at ul. Borsucza 55 and then brokered the sale of the land. As a result, the new owner – Buszrem – was able to build the elegant and modern, Borsucza 55 building, offering 147 apartments.

We assisted the owners in the sale of land at ul. Narwik in the Bemowo district of Warsaw and obtained an administrative decision enabling a new investment. The property was purchased by a local developer – City Villa – which then implemented a residential building project on the plot, with approx. 140 apartments.

Acting for the owner, we obtained a zoning decision and provided our assistance in the sale of land located near the Targówek Mieszkaniowy metro station. The building plot was purchased by Home Invest, which then erected buildings offering 170 new apartments, surrounded by green areas and modern infrastructure offering all of life’s essentials.

By bringing together both sides of the transaction – the buyer and the seller – we finalised the sale of land at ul. Budki Szczęśliwickie in the Włochy district of Warsaw. Nexity built Golden Space on the plot, a quiet estate planned for those who appreciate the convenience and comfort of living close to the city centre. At the first stage of the investment, a small-scale building was built, holding 117 apartments.

When Przewozy Regionalne decided to sell the right of perpetual usufruct to land, together with its buildings, it hired Greenfields to coordinate the sale process. Our company prepared the relevant documentation and conducted a two-stage tender. The property was purchased by Bouygues Immobilier Polska. As part of the investment, Wileńska Express built a complex of three buildings with approx. 300 apartments and commercial premises.

This investment in Wroclaw was on the site of a former car showroom. Acting for the owner, our company found a new buyer – Dom Development. The developer has implemented a building project with 216 apartments for sale as part of the transaction.

A residential investment is planned on a plot at ul. Trzcinowa in Warsaw, with approx. 160 apartments. Greenfields brokered the purchase of the land by LC Corp (currently Develia).

This is one of several transactions we have carried out at ul. Sokratesa in the Bielany district in Warsaw, contributing to the improvement of its image. The property was purchased with our help by Unidevelopment, which is carrying out the construction of the Latte estate, offering almost 130 apartments for sale.

We brokered the sale of land with an area of almost 5,000 m2 between an individual and the Biedronka supermarket chain. The plot is located at ul. Prząśniczek in Warsaw.

Dantex is building the Aurora estate in Warsaw’s Włochy district, with Greenfields representing both parties and providing comprehensive transaction support. The construction work began in July 2020 and is scheduled for completion in June 2024. The entire investment consists of 9 buildings and approx. 1000 apartments. At the first stage, which is scheduled for completion in 3Q22, over 230 new apartments will be built. This is an excellent opportunity to invest in real estate, as proven by the fact the Swedish fund Heimstaden Bostad has already bought 400 apartments intended for rent.

Greenfields carried out a transaction for the sale of plots for the second part of the Żoliborz Artystyczny estate. This part of the project consists of 6 buildings with 1,200 apartments and 53 commercial units. The investment is being carried out by Dom Development, the largest developer in Poland. The construction of the first part began in 2013, and the estate, which has won many awards, is noted for its attractive and generally accessible public spaces, numerous service outlets and elements of art in the form of artistic installations, murals and graphics. Investing equity in the continuation of the project may be an opportunity for investors to obtain an exceptionally favourable rate of return.

The Metro Połczyńska estate is located in the Bemowo district of Warsaw. The investment was carried out in three stages. First, 3 buildings were built, offering 123 apartments in a shell and core condition. In stage two, 96 apartments were delivered in another 3 buildings, with the last building, erected in stage three, holding 21 new apartments. The plot for the investment, acquired with Greenfields’ help, is more than 17,000 m2 and is located close to the planned metro station. Close by is Fort Chrzanów, giving the location a historic atmosphere, while the green surroundings encourage walks.

The Vice Versa Residence is located near to the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station in the Wola district of Warsaw. The investor purchased a plot of 7,000 m2. on which to carry out a project of two buildings and an external courtyard creating a friendly, carefully arranged space with elements of street furniture. The investment, consisting of 181 apartments, was carried out by Yareal, with Greenfields providing comprehensive assistance in the transaction to acquire the plot.

We carried out a transaction for the sale of land at ul. Domaniewska in Warsaw’s Mokotów district, overcoming a number of legal and technical problems along the way. The new owner – Okam – intends to build the Central House estate there, consisting of over 470 apartments.

The property at ul. Wolska in Warsaw was being sold by a corporate client to one of the leading developers – Dantex. We not only brokered the sale of the land, but also obtained an administrative decision allowing for the new development and worked out a compromise with the city authorities regarding new buildings. As part of Dantex’s investment, a modern residential complex was built, consisting of over 360 apartments.

On a plot at ul. Przyokopowa in Warsaw, near the metro station and the Warsaw Uprising Museum, Mostostal has developed the Konrad Residence consisting of 90 apartments. Greenfields brokered the sale of the land for the investment.

We helped the “Warsen” Blind Employees’ Cooperative obtain a zoning decision for its property at ul. Sapieżyńska in Warsaw, thereby increasing the value of the land. In addition, we found and recommended a buyer – AFI Europe – which is now planning a residential investment on the plot.

2013 - 2016

Our company represented the developer – Yareal – at the purchase of plots with an area of over 20,000 m2, located at the junction of Kieślowskiego and Klimczaka streets. On the plots, Yareal has built the Strefa Wilanów estate, consisting of 9 small-scale four-storey buildings and nearly 300 apartments for sale.

Greenfields brokered the sale of land at ul. Wschodnia in Poznan, the site of a former car dealership headquarters.

The Eden Włodarzewska is an estate consisting of three duplex houses and a three-storey apartment block offering 91 spacious apartments, located at ul. Włodarzewska in the Ochota district of Warsaw. The plot has an area of over 7,500 m2 and was acquired with Greenfield’s assistance.

The plot, located in Warsaw’s Włochy district, had a complicated and fragmented ownership structure. Greenfields provided assistance in selling the land, bringing together the individuals on the sellers’ side and the buyer – Yareal. We also played an active role in the preparation of a new local zoning plan. Yareal built the Chrobrego Residence on the site, a small-scale investment with 84 apartments.

In Warsaw’s Stara Ochota district, at the junction of Barska and Białobrzeska streets, BPI has built a small-scale apartment development with almost 60 apartments for sale. Our assistance in the transaction included: representing the buyer and the seller, obtaining a zoning decision and negotiating a good-neighbour agreement.

We brokered the sale of land for a new estate by Victoria Dom in the Wola district of Warsaw. The investor developed the plot with the Bravo estate consisting of 167 apartments.

Assisting with the sale of land often involves finding the appropriate partners. We led the individuals owning plots near Al. Jerozolimskie and the picturesque Za Stawami Park in Warsaw one of the leading developers – Atal. The subsequent transaction has resulted in the developer building the Warszawa Estate, offering over 300 apartments for sale.

We carried out the sale of a plot in an attractive location in the Mokotów district in Warsaw, close to the Wierzbno metro station. This is where the developer – Marvipol – built the Cascade Residence – a small-scale premium investment consisting of 39 apartments.

This is another transaction we performed in Warsaw’s Włochy district that helped improve the sub-standard development of the district. The developer Skanska is planning to use the plot to build a small complex of two residential buildings.

Acting for Apricot Capital Group, we acquired land for an apartment block investment in the Bielany district of Warsaw. The Wólczyńskaah! estate was built there, consisting of five buildings and over 560 apartments. The high quality of workmanship, guaranteed by Budimex, and the excellent location close to the Młociny metro station, created conditions for investors to make profitable real estate investments.

With our help, Buszrem purchased a plot for development in the Włochy district of Warsaw, carrying out a boutique residential investment consisting of 17 apartments.

Greenfields brokered the sale of property at ul. Ficowskiego 6 in Warsaw. The buyer – Napollo – constructed a small-scale building with 105 apartments.

One of the first transactions in this part of Warsaw’s Wola district, which is now changing its image from post-industrial to more residential and commercial. During the sale of the land, we represented both parties to the transaction. The new owner – Bouygues Immobilier – has carried out an investment on the land consisting of two apartment blocks offering 88 apartments.

The plot that Greenfield’s helped sell in this transaction previously had warehouses and did not suit the nature of the district at all. The buyer – LC Corp – changed this completely by building the Krzemowe estate, consisting of nine buildings and over 520 apartments – one of the first residential investments in Służewiec Przemysłowy in Warsaw.

We brought together the owner of the plot, a large corporate client, and a developer from Toruń making its debut in Warsaw. This led to the construction of a residential apartment block investment with over 60 apartments.

We brokered the sale of land in the Wola district between a state-owned company and LC Corp, which then constructed a residential apartment block on the purchased plot. Approximately 160 apartments were built as part of our transaction.

This is one of several transactions we carried out in the Chrzanów estate in Warsaw. We coordinated the process of selling and transforming the land into a building plot, obtaining a zoning decision. The buyer – Marvipol – has built an estate on the plot, consisting of 104 apartments.

The land for the investment had a fragmented ownership structure. With our help, the area located at ul. Nocznicki in Warsaw was sold to Bouygues Immobilier, which then built the La Proximite estate with almost 100 apartments for sale.

We brokered the sale of a building plot near ul. Powązkowska, on which Asbud has now built the Młody Żoliborz estate consisting of four buildings and over 160 apartments.

Greenfields brokered the sale of land belonging to a production company. The investment location is in Śródmieście, in the most prestigious part of Warsaw. It was acquired by Ghelamco in order to build an exclusive apartment building holding 85 apartments.

2009 - 2012

One of our first transactions in this part of the Bemowo district in Warsaw. We brokered the sale of land between individuals and Corpores, an investor from Rzeszów. On the plot, the investor has built the Larix Garden estate consisting of two apartment blocks and over 100 apartments.

We carried out a transaction for the purchase of land at ul. Skoroszewska in the Ursus district of Warsaw. Victoria Dom, which purchased the property, has built the Kaskada Skorosze investment there, consisting of 100 apartments.

By bringing together a corporate client (the seller) and LC Corp (the buyer), we carried out a transaction for the sale of land in Ząbki. On the plot, the investor has built a multi-stage estate consisting of over 830 apartments.

This is one of many transactions carried out by Greenfields in this part of the Bielany district in Warsaw. The buyer – Marvipol – has built the Bielany Residence investment on the plot, consisting of over 370 apartments.

Brokering the transaction between Dziewiarska Spółdzielnia Pracy im. 17 stycznia, a company in liquidation, and one of the largest media groups in Poland, we finalised the purchase of land for the Warsaw headquarters of the Polska Press publishing group.

2005 - 2008

We settled the legal status of a 27,000 sqm plot located at ul. Naczelnikowska in Warsaw and assisted in the sale of the property. The land was acquired by the Kaufland supermarket chain for the construction of a commercial facility.

We carried out a transaction for the sale of land for the sPlace Park investment, where Layetana carried out an investment consisting five apartment blocks and 448 apartments in Żoliborz.

We assisted in the sale of plots for the Madison Apartments investment. It is an estate consisting of seven buildings and 230 new apartments in the Żoliborz district in Warsaw, surrounded by 44 hectares of forest, combining a location in an intimate, green area with the possibility of quick access to the centre.

Żoliborz One is a modern A-class office building located at ul. Szamocka in the Żoliborz district of Warsaw, well connected to downtown Warsaw. Greenfields purchased the land for the investment on behalf of the developer – Apricot Capital Group. A 10-storey office building was built on the plot, offering 8,600 m2 of comfortable lease area.

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