Land properties: Greenfields targets brownfields

Why are we increasingly cooperating with landowners? Is their goal only to check the investment potential of real estate, or simply to make a profitable sale of land? While responding to market needs, we do not forget what is important to us – innovative solutions and cohesive urban space. Therefore, we engage in the idea of 15-minute cities. Increasingly, our offer includes post-industrial spaces, so-called brownfields, due to good communication, existing road and technical infrastructure. We try to transform degraded areas, restoring the city’s residential space with accompanying infrastructure such as parks, playgrounds, services, kindergartens, and others (e.g., Bieżuńska). We also take care to maintain harmony between new development and historic surroundings, integrating them into the vibrant urban fabric (as in the case of investments on Szwedzka Street).

Of course, we also face challenges. One of the main problems is convincing landowners that it is not worth waiting, hoping that the plot will develop its investment potential on its own. Another difficulty that investors face is the prolonged time to resolve administrative procedures, including permits allowing the land to be equipped with utilities and roads. Currently, we are conducting several proceedings for issuing environmental decisions, dozens of decisions for the permit to build, and four based on special laws. In total, we are waiting for the resolution of matters concerning nearly 7,000 apartments in various cities in Poland.

You can read about the growing interest in brownfields-type investments, challenges, and our support in their resolution in an article from Puls Biznesu. Subscribers will find the text in polish version under this link ➡

We are seeing a revival

Despite demanding times, the number of transactions and properties sold
remains at a good level, and one can even say that we are seeing a revival.

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