Gdańska St. 5/7

ul. Gdańska 5/7


3 811 m2

Plot area

4 600 m2

Usable area

Our activities:

  • At the request of the owners of the site, we comprehensively prepared a new residential investment project
  • We commissioned an architectural and urban design concept, and are in the process of obtaining all the necessary agreements and opinions from the authorities
  • We obtained a special housing decree
  • We are in the process of obtaining the building permit
  • We valued the property and represented the owners during the transaction for the sale of the land
Bushes, the remains of a derelict building and a parking lot – remaining in the hands of several private owners for a number of years, the plot of land at 5/7 Gdańska Street in Warsaw’s Żoliborz district was by no means a local landmark. Redevelopment of the land was not made any easier by the shape of the terrain itself or the applicable zoning plan, which allowed the land on Gdańska Street to be redeveloped with single-family houses. That plan has not been updated in 19 years and fails to address the current needs of the district. Since it came into effect, there have also been major changes in the vicinity, including excellent access to public transport with the construction of the metro line.
Acting on behalf of the landowners, Greenfields coordinated the preparation of a concept for redevelopment and obtained the necessary approvals for the construction of a multi-family residential project. The main objective was to design buildings with echoes of the early modernist style, characteristic of the pre-war buildings found in Żoliborz. Greenfields entrusted the project to Artur Chołdzyński, the renowned architect who designed the award-winning Wilson Square metro station in Żoliborz.
A particular difficulty faced by Greenfields’ experts during the preparation of the project was the fact that the route of the Rudawka canal would run through the underground parking lot that was planned as part of the investment. The biggest challenge was not the technical issues but the paperwork because, from a legal perspective, the canal has no owner. However, it was possible to resolve this issue thanks to the close cooperation between Greenfields’ Urban Planning Department and the external experts engaged by the company to design the canal’s reconstruction.
In addition, on behalf of the owners of the plot, we obtained the full documentation and submitted an application to carry out the project under a special housing decree. The final approval for the residential development was granted by Warsaw City Council on 8 July 2021. By obtaining this special decree, it is now possible to carry out the appropriate redevelopment of the plot: residential buildings with green areas, service premises and environmentally friendly solutions.

Furthermore, Greenfields found and vetted a buyer for the land, and represented the landowners during the sale transaction.