ul. Klimczaka


20 137 m2

Plot area

15 500 m2

Usable area

Our activities:

  • Selling the plot was a big challenge, as there was the shell of an unfinished housing development located on the plot. Acting on behalf of the owner of the site, we acquired, verified and recommended the buyer
  • We valued the land and acted as an agent in the sale of the plot, ensuring attractive terms for both parties to the transaction
The plot at ul. Klimczaka in Warsaw had a turbulent past. A Turkish investor started a housing investment in 2001, but construction stopped a year later, leaving the shell of the unfinished buildings which spoiled the district for several years. In 2013, the property was purchased by Hossanova, which decided to look for a new buyer after a few years.
“The unfinished investment required a lot of effort, including the modification of the project made in the 1990s and an estimation of the costs of demolition,” said Barbara Piotrowska, CEO of Hossanova. “Finding a buyer for such a technically difficult project was a very big challenge. It was possible thanks to Greenfields’ agency, which not only found a buyer, but also carried out the sale transaction of the plot, ensuring safe conditions for both parties: the buyer and the seller. Thanks to the profit from this transaction, our company was able to expand its operations on the domestic local market – moving into Wrocław.”
The land was purchased by the development company Yareal, with the new investment changing the image of this part of the district after so many years. At ul. Klimczaka, Yareal built the Strefa Wilanów housing estate consisting of nine four-storey buildings with approx. 300 apartments, surrounded by attractive green areas.