Wileńska 14A

ul. Wileńska 14A


8 188 m2

Plot area

14 000 m2

Usable area

Our activities:

  • At the request of Przewozy Regionalne, we organised a tender for the sale of the plot
  • We acted as an agent in the sale of the property
An office building, garage building and paved parking lot. The plot at ul. Wileńska, although situated in an attractive location: close to public transport stops, with convenient access to shops, services and other facilities of local importance, including public offices, was not making use of its potential.
When Przewozy Regionalne decided to sell the right of perpetual usufruct to the land together with its buildings, it hired Greenfields to coordinate the sale process. Our company prepared the relevant documentation and conducted a two-stage tender.
The property was purchased by the developer Bouygues Immobilier Polska. As part of the investment, Wileńska Express built a complex of three buildings with approx. 300 apartments and commercial premises.