Warsaw. New rules on cooperation with developers

On 1 January 2022, the order of the Mayor of Warsaw on the determination of rules for the conclusion of contracts specifying the conditions of construction or conversion of public roads by non-road investment investors and the establishment of the team for the cooperation with non-road investment investors will enter into force.

Officials in Warsaw have indicated that the new simplified procedure will be available to investors of commercial facilities exceeding 1,000 sq.m, or other buildings with an area of more than 5,000 sq.m. Investor requests will be processed by a dedicated team led by the Municipal Roads Administration (Zarząd Dróg Miejskich).

“In recent months, Greenfields, like many other real estate companies, has been warning about delays in the processing of administrative decisions in Warsaw and has called for changes,” said Justyna Cymerman, Head of Urban Planning at Greenfields. “We believe that the order of the Mayor of Warsaw will facilitate the conclusion of contracts for financing road conversions, making them more transparent and fair for all the players on the market. This will lead to investments serving the residents even better”.

Justyna Cymerman stressed that public discussion often ignores the fact that it is the developers who, when making their investments, transform the neighbourhood by financing the infrastructure that all residents later use. “It is not only roads, but also walking and bike paths, squares, neighbourhood parks, tennis courts, fitness parks, playgrounds and ecological solutions such as rain gardens”, she indicates.

“We believe that another important step for the Warsaw authorities should be to streamline the issuing process of zoning approvals, for which investors have to wait many years, as well as of building permits,” Justyna Cymerman added.