We will obtain an environmental approval for you. A new service from Greenfields

In response to the needs of investors, we have extended our service of obtaining environmental approvals and have expanded the relevant department. Until now, the service was available only to clients who had entrusted Greenfields with handling real estate sale or purchase transactions. However, since August 2022, our company is offering to obtain environmental approvals for all interested investors.

How we conduct the procedure:

  • We believe that caring for the environment is crucial and that new investments should have the least possible impact on their surroundings. Greenfields has been operating on the market since 2005 and we know how to reconcile nature protection with the expectations of investors and the decision-making authorities;
  • When preparing the application, we do not require unnecessary information from our clients that would result in future restrictions on implementing the investment. Whenever possible, we take all the various circumstances into account, which makes the decision flexible;
  • We operate quickly and effectively, staying in contact with both the investor and the opinion-making and decision-making authorities;
  • Greenfields constantly monitors environmental approvals issued by the relevant authorities. As a result, our experts have a good understanding of their needs, meaning that the processing time can be kept to the minimum.