Warehousing market in 2023

The NBP is forecasting a further increase in demand for land, including industrial and logistics space. According to Greenfields experts, “Plots of land that are attractive to investors and ready for sale already have the necessary permits, significantly shortening the process of investment project implementation.”

The warehousing market remains strong, with Poland’s warehouse resources estimated at around 27.1 million sq. m. in 3Q22 – according to data from the National Bank of Poland. In addition, at this time there were approximately 4 million square metres of modern warehouse space under construction.

Investments in properties. Forecasts for the warehousing market

Despite the current unfavourable economic situation, the published forecasts for the market are optimistic. According to the December 2022 report, “The market for modern warehousing space in Poland remained buoyant, with demand and supply also high.” As the NBP experts also point out, the reason for the high investment demand for warehouse space is the further development of e-commerce.

According to the NBP, some companies operating in war zones will want to relocate to countries where it is safe, which is likely to further increase demand for industrial and logistics space.

Land for warehousing investments. It is preparation that counts

Experts are in no doubt that an attractive plot for those seeking land for investment is first and foremost a plot that is as well prepared as possible for development. That is one for which all the necessary administrative decisions have already been issued – an environmental decision, a building permit and, in the absence of a local zoning plan, a zoning permit – this significantly shortens the process of executing the entire investment and allows construction to begin quickly.

“The process of obtaining all the permits that make it possible to start building a warehouse or a facility with a production function is time-consuming, taking up to three years,” emphasised Karolina Jaworska, manager of Greenfields’ Property Acquisition Department. “If an investor has a choice between two plots of land for sale: one that already has all the permits and one where everything still has to be obtained, the choice will be obvious and they will invest their capital in the one that already has the permits.”

Warehousing market. What locations are investors looking for?

Premium locations, as well as large areas for large-scale warehousing, continue to attract the interest of investors in warehouses. There is also a growing segment of warehouses in urban areas – such investments ensure shorter delivery times for products to customers.

“Investors are looking for plots of land for development with good access, located at transport hubs. The segment of warehouses located in urban areas, known as ‘last mile warehouses’, is also developing,” Karolina Jaworska added.

“We currently have on offer land for warehouse and production developments in Białołęka near Trasa Toruńska (a plot of approximately 3 hectares) and in Annopol (5 hectares) and in the district of Włochy, at Al. Jerozolimskie (3.7 hectares). We also have a plot under construction not far from Warsaw – in Bobrowiec (Piaseczno municipality), near the S7 motorway,” listed Karolina Jaworska.

If you own a plot of land and would like to prepare it for sale, or if you are looking for a property on which to develop a warehouse or production site, we can take overall care of the transaction process, assist in selling the land or in acquiring it. Let us know how we can help.